Boostrap 3.1.1 and typeahead.js 0.10.1 will play nicely together, but it takes some digging and some dependencies to make it to make it all work, but when it does, it’s pretty glorious. Bootstrap 2 once contained a lovely typeahead engine but it was decided it didn’t work well enough and they would focus on their […]

Over the last couple of days Firefox has been spouting off Unresponsive Script Warnings on my Gmail tab with Hangouts enabled. This is universal over all of my computers and many of my coworkers computers. I use Gmail proper, they’re using Google Apps, same symptom. It’s happening in different locations on different providers, so it’s […] is a fantastic little site where you can download free web themes based on Bootstrap 3 with Font Awesome 4 icons. They’re all awesome and simple to modify. The blacktie guy has also found some like-minded individuals who will also be committing themes to blacktie so it’s poised to be an ongoing repository of […]

Playing around with creating a WordPress theme using Twitter Bootstrap 3. I could only find other paid versions with way more features than I really needed.

Sorry the site has been down for the last couple of days. I’ve been transitioning things to test a new platform layout and encountered some unrelated ice storms that required I deal with other things instead of keeping this site online. This site, among other WordPress hosting offerings now lives on a XenServer virtual machine […]

When I first installed CloudStack the latest System VM was Cloudstack 3.0 which was released in early 2012. Since then there have been many improvements and when I updated to 4.2 the System VMs stayed the same. Since I’d been undergoing all kinds of issues with NAT, I thought the simplest attempt at a fix […]

After nearly two years of tinkering with git, it’s time to pull the plug on my subversion setup. It’s taking too long to push changes because the repos are getting unwieldy. Git works great with the same amount of data, and much quicker to push changes to and from repositories. # mkdir staging # cd […]

Like most users in the brave new world, I use wide-screen monitors. My laptop sits at 1680×1050 and my desktops are full HD, 1920×1080 pixels. So naturally, when I’m building using Twitter Bootstrap 3, whose display is designed for mobility and then for the screen with a maximum resolution of 1200 pixels wide, I’m left […]

One of the problems with upgrading an OS is that developers are really busy. So even though they’ve had access to OS X Mavericks since this summer, when the general release hit the inter tubes last week lots of new problems come out of the woodwork. I’ve heard from one customer who uses PowerCAD and […]

OS X 10.9 Mavericks came out this week, for free. Big draw for me was better support for multiple monitors, which has so far solved a lockup issue when screens are added/removed that I was having. So far this week I’ve been contacted by a PowerCAD user who tells me that his software doesn’t work […]